Our Philosophy

For almost three decades, our team has been at the forefront of change in the application of colour to concrete, cladding, and masonry.

Our business evolved to offer a revolutionary range of photocatalyst coatings with multi-functional benefits to the built environment. In 2021 we became ECOTONE, a truly local company with a promise to Colour For Life.

How We Colour For Life

Solve Colour Matching in brick, block, mortar and concrete projects to maintain aesthetic appeal

Achieve stunning Colour By Design finishes in architectural projects with award-winning outcomes

Lead in the application of the next generation of eco-friendly Functional Coatings with multi-surface benefits

A bold vision

ECOTONE is more than a new name for our company. It’s an expression of a bold new vision, mission, values, and purpose – all centred on working together with our many industry partners to achieve Stunningly Sustainable interior and exterior surfaces and buildings. Through a combination of art, science, and technology we want to help move our industry forward towards beautiful places and greener and safer spaces that transform our urban landscape.

Our brand values


We are inventive problem solvers, combining art, science, and technology to deliver high-quality aesthetic colour finishes and functional protective coatings to many kinds of surfaces found in the building industry.


We are part of a local industry that is built on good craftsmanship. We work with new and time honoured materials and techniques to bring the WOW factor to every project, whether it be colour matching or delivering an inspired architectural finish.


Our motto is Stunningly Sustainable. We want to create solutions that last the test of time in visual and environmental impact. It is better for our planet and creates long-term value for our customers. This aligns with our promise to bring more Colour For Life.


We believe in working collaboratively with homeowners, developers, builders, engineers, architects, and asset owners to exceed everyone’s expectations. This is why we’ve created a design experience that begins and ends with the needs of our customers.


Nothing worthwhile has ever been achieved without passion. Our passion inspires our purpose, which is to work together to help create eco-friendly and sustainable surfaces and buildings that transform our urban landscape.

How we work

We will only achieve our vision by putting the needs of our customers first. Through customer experience design (CXD), our passionate and skilled team is on a mission to deliver the ECOTONE wow to every project.

Have a project that could benefit from CXD?

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The ECOTONE wow is not something we’ve made up. It’s a natural reaction that we get from our customers. They are often surprised at the long-term value that our services and applications provide from a visual and sustainability perspective.

Tony Watling
CEO ECOTONE Australia and New Zealand