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We see the urban landscape as made up of visible and invisible layers. Our colouring systems transform the visual appearance of building materials.

Our invisible coatings clean and protect them. With both, we bring more Colour For Life to the built environment and our urban landscape.

Our Services

Colour Matching

Solve Colour Matching in brick, block, mortar, and concrete projects to maintain aesthetic appeal.

Colour by Design

Achieve stunning Colour by Design finishes in all projects with award-winning outcomes.

Functional Coatings

Lead in the next generation of eco-friendly coatings with multi-surface benefits.

Urban Infrastructure

Transform urban and social infrastructure with the most sustainable coating systems.

Our Products


Versatile water-based matte emulsion stain suitable for a variety of surfaces and colours

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Emulsion stain with repellant properties to minimise the environmental effect of water

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Semi-gloss emulsion stain to achieve sharper colours & metallic finishes

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Mineral silicate emulsion stain designed to bond to denser surfaces and materials

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A preparatory layer designed for non-porous surfaces to strengthen adhesive properties

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A versatile, water and stain-resistant fluoropolymer sealer that can be applied to a variety of porous substrates, featuring strong binding properties and excellent resistance to graffiti.

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ECOTONE WP Membrane Primer

A superior sealer used to penetrate and bind chalky underbound masonry and other surfaces. This is a single component based on an ultrafine alkali-proof resin suitable for concrete, masonry, limewash, cement paint, and other underbound surfaces.

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ECOTONE Waterproof Membrane

A weather and water-resistant, elastomeric coating with a satin finish. It is formulated with pure acrylic resins to provide a highly elastic waterproof protective barrier to exterior and interior surfaces. Designed to perform under full weather exposure and is abrasion resistant.

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The benefits of
Colour For Life

Colour is such an important part of the human experience evoking certain emotions in the spaces we live and inhabit. We want the unique colours we develop with our industry partners to last whether it be colour matching existing building materials or creating new colour by design experiences. 

We’ve taken the Colour For Life concept even further through our extensive range of invisible coating products that use active surface catalysts to self-clean and protect our environment.

The benefits for our customers

Our colour systems are designed to be long-lasting with a minimum 25-year guarantee no matter what building material they’ve been applied to.

Our motto is Stunningly Sustainable. Our products deliver eco-friendly and sustainable solutions in form, function, visual and environmental impact.

Our projects are built to last the test of time creating long-term value for our customers through reduced maintenance costs and extended asset life.

If you would like to learn more about our Colour For Life products, review our downloadable resources

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Why work with us

While we changed our name to ECOTONE in 2021, our team has supported the local building and construction industry with our expertise in colour systems since 1998.

In 2021, we became a truly Australian and New Zealand owned company. This move allowed us to better serve the needs of a diverse range of local customers in our thriving industry.

Since our inception, we are proud to have delivered more than 1000 projects across the region that bring Colour For Life to many types of surfaces and buildings across our urban landscape.

If you have a colour application or functional coating project that you’d like to discuss with our team, we’d love to hear from you.

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