Concrete Facades

Concrete is one of the most versatile and durable building materials found in Australia and New Zealand’s built environment that works perfectly with our motto to deliver stunningly sustainable results.

It is a popular choice in our industry as it has the lowest carbon footprint over the lifecycle of a structure. Concrete is also unparalleled in durability, safety, and strength but left to the elements, its surface appearance deteriorates over time. This makes it particularly suited to our expertise in long-lasting colour and functional coatings.

Making stunning work of concrete

For all the sustainable qualities of concrete, it is not known for its beauty. This is where ECOTONE comes in. We’ve been at the cutting-edge of change partnering with our local building and construction industry to come up with innovative solutions and long-lasting finishes. We make stunning work of concrete transforming its plain appearance into facades that bring the ECOTONE wow factor to every project.

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Whether moulded, precast, in-situ or glass-reinforced concrete (GRC) our Colour By Design approach means we can achieve your desired finish.

Have a concrete facade that you want to turn into a natural wood or stone finish? Or perhaps your project requires a moulded, metallic or vivid effect to meet your design aspirations?

Regardless of the type of concrete, we’re the team to turn your facade dream into reality.

If you have a building project in mind, our team would love to hear from you.

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Designing colours and coatings through CXD

Concrete projects are unique, complex, and costly and the role colour applications and functional coatings play are integral to delivering stunningly sustainable results.

Customer Experience Design (CXD) is our way of collaborating with our industry partners to identify the ideal solution for every building project saving time, money and rework.

CXD deconstructs your design project into layers

Building material + Emulsion stain + Colour application + Functional coat

It is the combination of these layers and their interaction that leads to stunningly sustainable results. It is art, science and technology working as one.

To learn more about how CXD could benefit your project, get in touch.

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Standard Colour Charts

During the colour specification discussions of the CXD process, we introduce our customers to ECOTONE’s standard colours. We offer a range of standard colours based on current trends from monotone to layered finishes.

We also offer Concrete Oxide Colour Alternatives (COCA) to address carbonation and lime leaching that changes the appearance of concrete due to weathering in the built environment. This replaces the need to add oxide to the concrete during manufacturing making this a superior environmental choice while giving our customers a long-lasting colour finish.

To see our monotone, layered and COCA standard colour charts, visit our downloadable resources page.

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Concrete made Stunningly Sustainable

The Harrington Collection, Sydney – NSW
Architect: FJMT Studio
Builder: Icon Co
Developer: Golden Age Group and Hannas
Precaster: Advance Precast

ECOTONE Minsil worked wonders on the precast concrete elements of The Harrington, the first building project to have been approved at The Rocks in recent times.

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