Functional Coatings

Our passion to create beautiful surfaces through long-lasting colour applications led us to pioneer the launch of functional and protective coatings in our local building and construction industry.

Through the ecotio₂ range of revolutionary products, we are moving our industry forward towards self-cleaning coatings that maintain the beauty of a surface while sustainably extending its life.

The benefits of photocatalyst coatings

Our ecotio₂ range of functional and protective coatings are active surface catalysts designed to break down organic matter. They resolve three common, costly, and unsightly problems in the built environment.


Seals the pores on concrete significantly slowing the rate of carbonation


Prevents graffiti from clinging to the surface avoiding the need for abrasive cleaning


Breaks down mould forming algae particularly relevant in light-coloured facades

The use of functional and protective coatings means surfaces and buildings look almost as good as new. Lifecycle and cleaning costs are significantly reduced in addition to the building material having extended life.

Hear from Jon Wilson ECOTONE’S expert on ecotio₂ and its numerous benefits.

Endless possibilities from exterior to interior surfaces

Surface catalysts are one of the most exciting innovations that have happened in the building industry. From an external building perspective, these coatings use the natural power of light to preserve surface appearance with the double benefit of extending the lifecycle of an asset AND reducing its maintenance costs.

They are active coatings that can also be used in the interior of any building or form of public transport including workplaces, schools, universities, hospitals, shopping centres, retail stores, apartment buildings, public toilets, hotels, airports, aeroplanes, buses, trams and trains. Basically, any place that can benefit from an eco-friendly solution to clean air and a clean surface environment.

External Surface Benefits

  • Maintains long-term appearance
  • Reduced lifecycle cost
  • Reduced cleaning cost
  • Longer asset life
  • Air purifying properties

Internal Surface Benefits

  • Improved air quality
  • Antiviral, antibacterial, and anti-mould properties
  • Reduced maintenance/ cleaning costs
  • Deodorising
  • Reduced VOCs

Functional Coatings delivering a Stunningly Sustainable result

Anzac Memorial, Sydney – NSW

Architect: JPW and the Government Architects Office

Our protective and self-cleaning coatings were a brilliant solution to maintaining the as-new appearance of the concrete ceiling, beams, and eyelet of the iconic and heritage-listed war memorial in Sydney’s Hyde Park.

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