Weatherproof & Waterproof Compliant

Finishes for Concrete Designs

ECOTONE has developed long-life weatherproof and waterproof compliant systems for application to external concrete facades.

By working with our team, we can design an integrated system to protect your building project from weather and water damage while maintaining its aesthetic design.

Definition of Weatherproofing

Weatherproof and weathertight are terms that can be used interchangeably to explain how well a coating withstands the damaging effect of weather. The National Construction Code 2022 defines weatherproofing as preventing the penetration of water that could cause:

  • Unhealthy or dangerous conditions, or loss of amenity for occupants; and 
  • Undue dampness or deterioration of building elements
  • Undue moisture from outside and moisture from the ground

The ECOTONE weatherproofing system
is suitable to protect

Precast concrete panels

Concrete structures

Insitu Form Concrete

The ECOTONE weatherproofing system is National Construction Code 2022 compliant by protecting concrete structures and buildings from the damaging effects of weather such as rain, UV radiation, temperature fluctuations, and condensation.

Definition of Waterproofing

Waterproof and watertight are terms that can be used interchangeably to explain how well a coating withstands the damaging effect of water. Waterproofing is the property of a material that does not allow moisture to penetrate through it. 

Elastomeric acrylic coatings provide a durable, waterproof barrier to protect surfaces from moisture infiltration, preventing damage and deterioration. 

The ECOTONE waterproofing system is suitable to protect






Planter Boxes

ECOTONE Weather & Waterproof Compliant Systems

We specify the additional coats required to make weatherproofing and waterproofing on external concrete compliant to the National Construction Code 2022.

In every project we use a multilayer system that includes a Primer, Intermediate Coat and Top Coat to provide a long-lasting barrier that also retains the aesthetic design. 

This is how our weather and waterproof systems deliver a Stunningly Sustainable result every time!

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