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Building materials we work with

In established structures, building materials are exposed to the elements and prone to ageing, disrepair and damage. In new construction projects, we solve discolouration issues caused by unexpected mistakes, blemishes and damage repairs. In both, we beautify four main types of building materials to save replacement costs while ensuring the appearance meets design expectations.





We specialise in long-lasting colour systems designed for the Australian and New Zealand built environment.

We offer colour matching services that repair, restore and rejuvenate brick, block, mortar and concrete building materials. Our products and applications aim to deliver stunningly sustainable results – an enhanced aesthetic appeal that lasts the test of time.

Unique environmentally-friendly products

ECOTONE products and applications are not comparable to paint. We call them emulsion stains to differentiate them from the properties of paint that prevent building materials from being able to ‘breathe’ making them prone to fading, cracking and peeling in the built environment.

Our ECOTONE emulsion stains are different. Each one provides a unique benefit based on building material application and desired finish. All have been scientifically formulated to preserve the breathability of existing surface materials making them an environmentally-friendly choice.

Importantly, they are sustainable and here’s why.


Made in


Long Lasting

Our emulsion stains are manufactured locally and made to last in our environment. They make better use of raw materials, energy and water than paint alternatives. The result is not only sustainable but stunning!

Our portfolio of products


Versatile water-based matte emulsion stain suitable for a variety of surfaces and colours

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Emulsion stain with repellant properties to minimise the environmental effect of water

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Semi-gloss emulsion stain to achieve sharper colours & metallic finishes

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Mineral silicate emulsion stain designed to bond to denser surfaces and materials

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ECOTONE Minsil Sharp

A semi-gloss version of mineral silicate emulsion stain for sharper colours & metallic finishes

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A preparatory layer designed for non-porous surfaces to strengthen adhesive properties

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Standard and bespoke Colour Matching

We have Colour and Applications Specialists in every location to assist you with your colour matching project. Virtually any colour is possible by working with our team of experts.

Our colour systems typically come with a 25-year guarantee backed by the multi-layered approach we take to surface colour – building material, emulsion stain, colour effect and protective coat

The best of our Colour Matching projects

East Palm Beach Apartments, Gold Coast – QLD

Builder: McNab Constructions
Developer: BluePoint Property
Architect: Archiodom

Said to be the benchmark in coastal living, our team restored the fair-faced concrete of this building’s walling, soffits, and foyer.

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