Prefabricated Facades

Prefabrication, also known as modular construction is the assembly of building components at a location other than the building site.

It is revolutionising the building and construction industry by accelerating project delivery and streamlining processes, labour, costs, and time with reduced environmental impact.

How We Work

Prefabrication using Customer Experience Design (CXD)

Benefit from our Customer Experience Design (CXD) process in your prefabrication project. 

By applying colour matching, colour by design or functional coatings in a controlled and collaborative environment at the prefabrication stage achieves more WOW – a better result and faster project delivery.

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Prefabrication made stunningly sustainable

Carlaw Park Student Village, Stanley - NZ

Architect: Ashton Mitchell Ltd

Builder: Haydn & Rollett

Precast Manufacturer: Concretec

Developer: Carlaw Campus 

A brilliant example of using prefabrication and CXD to deliver a brand new student accommodation facility.

ECOTONE colours and textured finishes were applied to load bearing precast panels offsite along with window fittings saving time, money, and  greatly reducing the need for more expensive equipment onsite.

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Field Street, Adelaide - South Australia

Architect: Brown Falconer
Builder: Cook Building
Precast Manufacturer: United Precast
Cladding Manufacturer: James Hardie

Prefabrication is smart, design-led, and more environmentally friendly. It aligns with our purpose to work with our industry partners to create Stunningly Sustainable buildings like our Field Street Development in Adelaide, South Australia. 

For cost and time saving during the construction, the concrete of the project was a mix of application within the precast yard and final touch ups onsite.

This is why we are at the forefront of this exciting change partnering with developers, builders, architects, and manufacturers to make this form of modular construction cost effective and even more stunning and sustainable.

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The Prefabrication Process at Field Street, Adelaide

Find out more about the prefabrication process here.

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