Krispy Kreme


Krispy Kreme

New Lynn, New Zealand

Client: Krispy Kreme
Developer: Dominion Constructors
Precaster: Concretec New Zealand

Colour by Design to brick moulded precast concrete

Material & Application

Onsite application of ECOTONE Sharp in the iconic Krispy Kreme green and white colours to grey brick moulded precast concrete. The concrete surface colour finish was followed by an application of ECOCLEAN Clean and Protect to enhance the gloss look of the finish with added benefits of graffiti resistance and easy clean. The catalyst in this coating will also make the surface neutralize mould, bacteria, virus and remove pollutants from the air upon contact.


Our ECOTONE team were able to collaborate with their client in order to match and replicate the Inner Space glazed brick provided. The overall finish not only provided an outstanding aesthetic in line with Krispy Kreme’s branding but will continue to be sustainable into the future.


This was a fun project to be involved in. Working with the project’s precaster is always a pleasure and is the most effective and efficient way to complete a project like this.

Megan Banks, ECOTONE NZ Managing Director

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